Raptors – 3-5 Year Olds

Our 3 - 5 Year old Room

Our 3-5 Year Old Rooms at Dinotots are where adventure and learning go hand-in-hand in our vibrant and stimulating environments tailored for pre-schoolers. Our rooms are places of wonder and joy, providing your child with endless opportunities to learn, play, and grow as they prepare for the exciting journey to school.
The rooms are spacious and inviting areas, thoughtfully arranged to cater to the developing needs of pre-schoolers. Similar to the 2 year old room, our 3-5 year old rooms are sectioned into various learning areas including a literacy corner, a math and science zone, an art studio, and a dramatic play area. Our furniture and resources are age-appropriate and chosen to encourage independence, cooperation, and self-confidence.

Special Activities

Our curriculum is designed to foster a love for learning and to build the foundational skills needed for a smooth transition to school:
Literacy and Language:
Interactive story sessions, engaging with phonics, and fun writing activities help children develop strong language and literacy skills.
Through games, puzzles, and hands-on activities, children grasp basic math concepts like counting, sorting, and patterning.
Science Exploration:
Our curious learners are introduced to the wonders of science with simple experiments and nature-based activities that encourage questioning and discovery.
Artistic Expression:
Our art studio allows children to express themselves through painting, sculpting, and a variety of other creative projects, fostering their imagination and fine motor skills.
Dramatic Play:
The dramatic play area is a hit, where children can dress up, role-play, and learn through the power of their own imaginations.
Physical Activity:
Daily outdoor play is essential for physical development, and our safe play area is perfect for running, jumping, climbing, and exploring.
Group Projects:
Working on group projects helps to build teamwork skills and allows children to learn from one another.
The World around Us:
Though roleplay-based activities, trips to the local stores, invited guests from the local community and emergency services the children gain a vast and varied knowledge of other cultures, beliefs and the World both within and outside of their community.

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