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In our opinion there are MANY reasons that a parent or caregiver would choose to enrol their child at a Dinotots setting, some would say TOO many to list, but here are a few reasons we feel you may find important when choosing the right nursery for your child:

Dinotots Lead - Other Follow

We are proud to be able to honestly state that since the creation of the first Dinotots Nursery others began to observe us more closely and try to adapt their offering accordingly; the way we do business, our room layouts, our charging structure, the resources we use and even the way we post on Social media! This only increased with every nursery we opened
We are, however, humbled to know that, by this imitation, we are obviously doing it right!
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness." - Oscar Wilde

Safeguarding is our passion, not just a requirement

We understand that leaving your child in the care of others can be extremely daunting.
We understand it is not a decision you make lightly; you enquire with numerous provisions, you filter down your preferred places and then go and take a look around.
It's a lot to take in from just that one visit and a big decision to make, sometimes in a short space of time.
We are here to guide you through the process, smoothly, peacefully and professionally.

Dinotots Happiness Guarantee

We are so confident that your child will love it at your chosen Dinotots Nursery that we offer all new parents our 14 day money back guarantee.
So, if your child does not settle, or anything else regarding the nursery doesn’t make you 100% happy within the first 14 calendar days of your child attending the nursery, then you can request, in writing, to cancel your contract, without having to pay the childcare industry’s standard 4-week notice period AND you will get a refund of any remaining days on that month’s invoice that you’ve paid for but haven’t used. We can’t say fairer than that!

Millies Mark Accreditation

Dinotots Settings* are the ONLY Early Years Providers in the area to gain the Millie's Mark Accreditation and to undergo the rigorous assessment process which includes an evaluation of first aid policies and procedures, as well as an assessment of our staff's first aid skills knowledge.

The assessments are carried out by an independent assessor who is trained and accredited by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA)

Parents and caregivers can be confident that a childcare provider with Millie's Mark Accreditation has met high standards for first aid and emergency management

Millies Mark was created in memory of Millie Thompson, a young girl who tragically died from choking whilst attending a nursery in 2012. The accreditation is designed to prevent similar tragedies from occurring and to provide reassurance to parents and caregivers that, whilst at Dinotots their children are in safe hands
*Both Dinotots Childcare AND Dinotots Daycare hold the accreditation
Millies Mark accreditation logo

All Staff FULLY paediatric 1st Aid Trained

At Dinotots we ensure that all the staff dealing with your child are fully qualified in paediatric first aid. This ensures that your child can be given the right assistance, at the right time, in time.
Accidents do happen, we all know that, but having a fully trained staff member to assist, maintain calm and provide care and support to others in an emergency your child will get the immediate care they deserve.
Nobody ever knows when an emergency might happen, but with first aid trained staff, you know we'll be ready

Every Nursery Fitted with Defibrillators

Defibrillators have the potential to save the lives of pupils, staff and visitors in Early Years Settings, with research showing that accessing these devices within 3-5 minutes of a cardiac arrest increases the chance of survival by over 40%.
Dinotots settings have their own, privately funded defibrillators on site and all staff are fully trained on their use.
These are not gimmicks, they are potential life savers which Dinotots have invested in to provide instant assistance when needed, and although we hope they will never be needed you may want to ask why other settings wouldn't be investing in them!

Affordable and

cost-effective fees

While cost is an important consideration when choosing a childcare provider, it is also important to remember that the quality of care should not be compromised.
At Dinotots we, and the parents currently using our services, feel that we have found an extremely balanced approach that makes them cost-effective, sustainable and able to renew, refresh and integrate new resources back into the nursery.
Our flexible method of charges enables parents and carers the ability to choose the hours and days of care that best suit their needs and schedules with clear and transparent charges from the outset.

A Solid Reputation

We are extremely happy to be able to state that Dinotots nurseries have both an enviable reputation with our parents and carers and also a great reputation in our community
This has been gained through a warm and comforting environment, passionate nursery practitioners, active learning from the children, and our safe and child-friendly facilities.
The majority of our parents are gained from receiving referrals and through good word-of-mouth. Hearing from trusted friends about their good experiences with Dinotots is the best form of ambassador for our services.
To see for yourself please read the multitude of fresh, new testimonials we have published on our homepage. You might also consider checking our social media facebook pages for a deeper insight.

Fully Equipped Sensory Rooms

The Sensory rooms within the Dinotots Nurseries are designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to explore and develop their senses.
Our sensory rooms are equipped with a range of sensory equipment, such as light displays, soft play areas, tactile surfaces, and sound and music systems.
Our fully equipped sensory rooms are designed to meet the sensory needs of children with a range of abilities and needs. This may include children with sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorder, or other developmental or learning disabilities.
In our sensory rooms, children can explore and engage with the environment in a safe and controlled way, allowing them to develop their senses and build confidence in their abilities.
Sensory rooms can also provide a calming and therapeutic environment for children who may be experiencing anxiety or stress.
At Dinotots we find that a professionally equipped sensory room can provide a valuable resource for children with a range of abilities and needs, helping them to develop their senses, build confidence, and experience the world in a safe and stimulating way.

Parent’s Breakfast Stations

We understand that your life is hectic, trying to get your young one to Dinotots can seem like mobilising an Army some mornings!
This can even take precedence over grabbing a quick bite to eat or even a hot beverage - so we have you covered.
At Dinotots we have a Parent Breakfast station where you can pick up a FREE coffee, tea and a snack or piece of fruit to get you started on the right foot.

Sterilising Units in the Baby rooms

Our sterilising units ensure that items in the baby rooms can be fully sterilised, ensuring the ongoing safety for your baby. Items such as toys, blankets, small furnishings, loose parts etc as we know how easily they can become ‘gooey’


We understand that choosing the right childcare provider for your little one is an extremely important decision for the family to make and also a massive stress and an emotional rollercoaster.
We also understand that times are tough for the majority of the region right now, which is why we have introduced these reward systems to try to ease the burden somewhat :

Golden Tickets!

If you refer additional friends or family outside of the Golden ticket offer both you and your referred family will each receive £25.00 credit added to your account

T&C apply

Refer a Friend

If you refer additional friends or family outside of the Golden ticket offer both you and your referred family will each receive £25.00 credit added to your account

T&C apply

Pure Gym Member offer

If you enrol your child with a Dinotots nursery and are a valid member of PureGym, and prove your membership, we will remove the need for you to pay the initial deposit and offer you a £25.00 credit into your account

T&C apply